Friday, September 03, 2021

Another Prairie Adventure

This way to Beresina Cemetery.  

Turn right at the sign and drive past the old barn.

(Don't try this one after a rainfall.)

A mile down the trail is another sign.  Turn right, skirt around the aspen grove... 

...follow the edge of the harvested grain field and...


For an "out of the way" cemetery it is well marked, fenced and maintained thanks to a couple of local fellows.

A marble headstone beside four small white crosses...

...and a cast concrete marker.

Nice little country cemetery.  

Beresina Cemetery is about midway between Churchbridge and MacNutt, Saskatchewan.

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Photographed on October 10, 2020.


  1. Doesn't look as though this one could be classed as being on the road well travelled! Worth the effort though.

    1. With trails like that I don't think I'll be visiting in the winter (even though I'd like to).