Friday, September 17, 2021

All Saints at Katepwe

All Saints Anglican Church was built in 1886 at what was then known as Lauder's Town.

Although the church was not completed until late in 1887, church services had been held in local homes and schoolhouse since 1884. 

There is a bell in the tower and each window has a hinged shutter that can be opened when the church is in use.

A bird house beside the church waiting for spring migrants.

The church was only used in the summer months and closed to regular services in 1945.  

The church, cemetery and grounds are maintained through the bequests and donations of parisioners past and present. 

It is one of very few churches I've seen built near a lake.

"Katepwe" can also be spelled "Katepwa."

Information courtesy of Find-A-Grave.

Photographed near Katepwe Beach, Saskatchewan on October 8, 2020.


  1. I like the shutters - a good protection for the windows both against the elements and vandals. Looks like such a pretty location too.

    1. It's a beautiful spot. The road runs for miles alongside the lake.

      Shutters are underutilized to say the least.