Monday, June 22, 2020

Bicker Township School

This school may appear small but it's bigger than it looks.  It would accommodate at least fifty students.

There are a few schools of similar design nearby but this one is pretty sweet all on its own.

Sign the blackboard.

Norman Church can be seen just down the road.

Glass block is a common feature in many schools in northwest North Dakota.

A simple and elegant belltower...complete with bell!

This school must have been built particularly well.  Everything is very straight and sturdy, chimney is still in one piece and the belltower shows no sign of stress (those bells are heavy!).  Kudos to the builders for a lasting historical landmark.

Photographed near Bicker, North Dakota on December 18, 2018.


  1. Obviously built in the days when they knew how to construct things to last. It's a wonder someone hasn't absconded with the bell.

    1. This old school is definitely durable. Hopefully the bell will stay where it belongs.